Feedback 360 People Tree


Report with a ranking approach that allows you to identify the relative strengths of those areas that are critical to the success of a professional, through their own evaluation and that of other evaluators.

  • What is it? A 360º report based on a ranking  type assessment, that is, instead of providing a quantitative analysis, it indicates the competencies that describe a person at their best and worse. The interaction of these competencies is the key to know of present and future jobs.
  • What is it for? The report recognises that people are not equally good at all skills, they are better at some than others, and therefore to focus on maximising strengths and minimising the impact of the more pronounced weaknesses, bearing in mind that no single skill is a cause of success or failure.
  • When to use it? In leadership performance processes, and selection of high performance profiles. Also for the detection and identification of effective and ineffective competencies and behaviours, for their later development.


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