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Build MyBestQuotation
You recieve a official proposal (< 24 h.)
Submit Purchase Order
You receive an invoice (< 24 h.)
Pay invoice
You receive access codes (< 24 h.)
We guide your coachees through the entire process that you have hired for each of them.
And you will receive the Dashboards regularly to have information on their progress.


Tool for you to build, with simplicity and speed, the proposal of the coaching projects you want, according to your technical needs and budget.


“The proposal that best suits your technical and economic needs is the one you make, that’s why it’s called MyBestQuotation”



Contact the free advice service Coaching Konsulting


  • Main elements and abbreviations
  • Clients
  • Coachees
  • Coachee

    The user of the service (Coaching Programme), who will be empowered to develop the behaviours that will allow them to achieve the results (objectives) established with their Company


    Is the facilitator who accompanies the Coachee on their journey to change  their behaviors


    The Company that hires the service for its employees (Coachees)

    Program Manager

    Customer representative in charge of the program


    EXEKUTIVE Coaching


    MyBestQuotation. Tool for the client to build the proposal of the Coaching Program that best suits their technical and economic needs


    Diagnostic tools. They serve to identify and specify the coaching objectives to be developed


    Coaching session. It’s the conversation between the coach and Coachee. There are different types (of different duration) according to the objectives pursued


    Coaching program is the combination of HDs and different types of coaching sessions. These, as well as their quantity, depend on the objectives of the Programme.

    Control Panel

    A tool that includes information on the Coachee’s Progress and Advancement during their Program. EKC updates it with the results of each session and sends it to the Coachee and their Manager. Advancement refers to the information related to the sessions held and Progress to the degree of achievement of the objectives established in the Program.


    video conference. We have chosen Zoom for its reliability, quality and simplicity (no download required) for conducting the sessions. If your company’s policy requires the use of a different provider, we will use your company’s policy.

  • Quotation request

    Clicking on the Start button, which you will find on the web, displays the MMP tool that includes all the elements you need to build your Program.

    It includes the current rates, calculates the amount of your Program and indicates the amount of the Discount Check (see Loyalty Program) that you will receive if you decide to have a contract.

    In less than 24 hours you will receive the Official Proposal.

    In case you are not clear about the design of the program that best suits the needs of the Coachee and your budget, click on the Contact button, which is at the footer of the  web page, and ask for the Coaching Konsulting service (free) that will guide you in the construction of the proposal.


    If you decide to hire us, all you have to do is inform us in writing of your acceptance of the corresponding MMP, including your order number (purchase order) if it was your company’s policy.


    In less than 24 hours, from the reception of your formal order, you will receive the corresponding invoice.

    Method of Payment

    They are two ways of payment:

    • inmediate payment
    • within 45 days (date of invoice)

    The first one gives you access to the Loyalty Program.

    The second does not give you access to the Loyalty Program. Failure to pay within this period means the interruption of the contracted service until payment is made

    Loyalty Program

    The purpose of this program is to facilitate the democratization of the practice of executive coaching. With each contract you make you will receive a Discount Check that you can use for the next one. The amount of the Discount Check corresponds to a percentage of the amount of your contract, which you will know when you fill in the MMP tool. The percentage varies according to the campaign.

    In addition, at the end of the year, you will receive another Discount Check for an amount resulting from applying a percentage to the sum of all your contracts for the year.

    Find out the conditions of this program in Why / Loyalty

    Promotional campaigns

    These are specific promotions of a certain HD and type of Sessions that we offer in very attractive conditions.

    If you would like to know in advance to have benefits in planning your development actions visit Why /Promotion Campaigns.

    Implementation of the contracted program

    When issuing the invoice you will receive the request for the information of the Coachees of the Program you have hired -name, position, department and email- and of the person(s) in charge of the Program.

    In less than two days, from the reception of these data, each one will receive the access keys to the system (LOGIN).

    Client Login

    Exclusive space for the Responsible(s) of the Program to communicate with EKC. At the beginning the Responsible will find, together with all the documentation (Official Proposal, Purchase Order, Invoice, etc.) a copy of the contracted Program(s). Periodically, he or she will receive a copy of the Scorecard corresponding to each Coachee, until the end of the Program(s).

    At the end of the Program, the Coachee and the Responsible of the Program will be informed by EKC of the closure of this space so that they can recover, if they wish, the stored documents before being destroyed (compliance with the RGPD to which we are adhered)

    Interruption or cancellation of a Program

    A Program that has been initiated may be interrupted, or cancelled, in the event of force              majeure, such as abandonment of the company, illness or death of the Coachee.

    If the amount of the Program has already been paid the Client will receive a bonus corresponding to the services that have not been used, to be used in the future.

    If it has not yet been paid, the Customer will pay only the proportional part of the Program that has been carried out.

    In both cases, the amount of the Discount Cheque that the Client may have received as a result of this contract will be reduced by the same amount.

    I want an HD that you don't have

    Please contact us to explore its inclusion in our repository. Our purpose is to meet all your executive coaching needs.

    I reinforce my soft skills programs with coaching

    If your company is considering increasing the effectiveness of behavioral changes in soft skills programs, for example leadership, digital change management, etc., contact us to co-design the post-training phase, including sessions focused on measuring and achieving the behavioral changes needed by each participant.

    Have a variety of coaching sessions

    If your company is considering making available to some groups, on demand, situational coaching sessions to solve discreet and unique needs, please contact us

    Once contracted you will only need to inform us of the details of the Coachees who you will be using to send them the access keys to their LOGIN.

    I want you to manage my pool of coaches

    If your company already has a pool of coaches and you want to outsource all or part of its management, please contact us to explore. Our purpose is to satisfy all your executive coaching needs.

    I want to create a pool of coaches

    If your company is considering creating an internal, or external, pool of coaches we can help you. Please contact us. Our purpose is to meet all your executive coaching needs.


    EXEKUTIVE Coaching® (registered trademark by Kuality Coaching S.L.) informs you that your data will be treated with the maximum zeal and confidentiality by all the staff involved in any of the phases of the treatment. We will not share your data with any third party, except in the cases legally foreseen, or unless the interested party had expressly authorized us.

    Civil Liability Insurance

    All the collaborators (Coaches) of EXEKUTIVE Coaching® (registered trademark by Kuality Coaching S.L.) have a Civil Responsibility Insurance, as recommended by the main Professional Coaching Associations, which covers the risks of their professional activity.

  • Coachee's LOGIN

    Exclusive space for the communication of the Coachee with his Coach throughout the Program.

    EKC has the access to send you a copy of the Program that your Company has contracted for it, which includes the different services, and the precise actions to be taken to start the Program, until you choose your Coach. Also to send to  periodically send the Scorecard.

    The Coach uses it to send you the Coaching Tools that he considers appropriate for the realization of the Program.

    Find out more on How it works/Platform

    Selecting my coach

    In the LOGIN the Coachee selects the Coach he prefers, among those of the category hired by his Company.

    Choice of my coaching sessions

    The Coachee checks the availability of the chosen coach in the coach’s calendar tool, and chooses the most suitable day/time for them. They will automatically receive the confirmation of their reservation to make the Zoom video conference.

    In case the Coachee’s company requires the use of another video conferencing provider, the Coachee will be responsible for sending the invitation to their Coach.

    Coaching tools

    These are exercises, videos, articles, questionnaires, self-monitoring elements, measurements, etc., which the Coach uses to support the changes in behaviour corresponding to the Programme.

    Change of Coach

    The Coachee may request at any time during the Program, and for any reason, to change the chosen Coach to another. It is recommended that this be done through your Coach, who will inform EKC so that they can authorise the Coachee to select a new Coach.

    I want to do the HD return session with one coach and the rest of the sessions with another

    You may choose a Coach who is not certified in an HD included in your Program. No problem. Choose the Coach with whom you will do the HD Results Report Return session and inform him/her that you will only do that session with him/her.


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