EXEKUTIVE Coaching® Loyalty Program

  • Purpose

To facilitate our clients the democratization of effective executive coaching.

  • Deployment

Each time the customer signs a contract, they will receive a Discount Check for the value equivalent to a percentage of the amount of the services covered by this program. The percentage varies according to the promotional campaign.

The customer will know the amount of their Discount Check when they fill out the MyBestQuotation tool.

In addition, at the end of the year, the customer receives another Discount Check for a value related to the sum of all the services contracted during the calendar year, according to the following progressive table:


Annual Imports Contracted (K EUR) < 10 10-19 20-29 30-49 50-59 60-79 80-99 100 +
 Additional annual discount Check (%) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


E.g.: the customer makes three purchases in a year of 10, 20 and 30K€ having a sum of: 60K euros. Percentage applied is: 6%. At the end of the year the client will recieve an additional Discount Check for 3,600 Euros.


  • Services covered by this program

The services which the program applies to are only the sessions conducted by category A, B, C and D coaches, with the exception of Diagnostic Tools devolution sessions.


  • Contracting of the services

The program only applies to contracts that are paid in advance.

The date of the contracting service will start once the transfer has been made by the customer to the Kuality Coaching S.L. bank.


  • Validity period of Discount Checks

The contract is for 1 year.

The validity start date of the Discount Check is the 1st day of the second month following the execution of the contract.

E.g.: The client hires on the 25th. of September. The validity period of the Discount Check is from 1/11/20 to 31/10/21.

Once the period of validity has expired, the services that have not been used by the customer are cancelled.

E.g. above: Services that have not been used before the 31/10/21 are cancelled.


  • Receipt of Discount Check

The customer receives the Discount Check within a maximum period of 7 days, counted from the immediate payment.

It is an electronic document which is in the name of the customer who made the contract and is therefore non-transferable.

It includes the following data:

For the customer:

  • Name, full address and tax number
  • Purchase order number

From the emitter*:

  • Name, full address and tax number
  • Order number and date
  • Invoice number and date
  • Date of issue
  • Period of validity
  • Amount (€)

(*) Kuality Coaching, S.L


  • Redemption of Discount Checks

The Discount Check can only be used once and is only applicable to the contracting of the services object of this program (see section Services object of this program).

The customer will use the MyBestQuotation tool to build the new proposal services they want to contract and enters the amount of the Discount Check to reduce the amount of their new contract.


  • Cancellation of a Coaching Program

An initiated Program can be cancelled only in case of force majeure, such as abandonment of the company, illness or death of the Coachee.

In this case the customer will receive a bonus corresponding to the contracted services that have not been used for future use.

In addition, if the Discount Check corresponding to that contract has already been used to reduce another new contract, we will invoice the customer the proportional amount corresponding to the cancelled services of the Discount Check.

E.g.: The customer contracts services object of this program for the amount of 10K€ and receives a Discount Check for the amount of 10K €. The customer contracts another new Program in the amount of 14K€ and uses his 10K€ Check so he receives an invoice for only 4K€. They then cancel, by force majeure, the first Program which they has used services in the amount of 7K€. Therefore they will receive an extraordinary invoice for the difference: 10 – 7 = 3K€.


1 June 2020

EXEKUTIVE Coaching is a registered trademark of Kuality Coaching S.L.