Feedback 360º PDA


Report built with a rating approach that presents the organization’s shared vision about the suitability of a professional´s position.

  • What is it? Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of competencies (skills, behaviours and attitudes required for a job). It is called 360° because it involves the person being assessed and a selection of professionals: colleagues, collaborators, superiors and peers who give their view on the development of the competencies of the person being assessed.
  • What’s it for? It provides a temporary picture of how the professional is perceived in the organization by a good representation of all the people with whom they interact with. The purpose of this evaluation is to maintain, reinforce or improve professional skills.
  • When to use it? When you want to measure the performance of the professional by interpreting the numerical results of each of the competencies evaluated. Also to identify potential, design learning programs and as a basis for implementing development, career and succession plans.


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