PDA Assessment

A tool developed specifically to analyze the natural behavioral profile of people and how this is modified according to the demand of their professional context

  • What is it? It is a tool that allows us to describe and analyze the natural behavioral profile of a person around four axes: Risk, Extroversion, Patience, Rules and Self-control, and then compare it with their professional mask, that is, how these four variables are expressed in their daily performance.
  • What is it for? To analyze skills, strengths, areas to be developed, competencies, decision-                   making, leadership style, level of motivation. To manage productive work teams by facilitating communication between the leader and his/her collaborators.
  • When to use it? For an awareness of executive coaching processes by identifying areas where to focus the program . When you want to analyze the compatibility with positions, in talent selection processes (decision-making style, communication, leadership…, etc.). To analyze the compatibility between leader and collaborator.


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