Thomas PPA (Personal Profile Analysis)

Analysis that provides an accurate picture of people’s behaviour at work, answering questions such as: what are their strengths and areas for improvement? how do they communicate with each other? what motivates them?

  • What is it? It consists of an assessment that, through a scientifically endorsed methodology, allows the description and analysis of the behavioural profile of people, as well as the behavioural demands of a position and the generation of detailed compatibilities applicable to the different human resources processes
  • What is it for? To describe the behavioural characteristics of an individual. To provide the necessary self-knowledge to consolidate strengths and compensate for areas of improvement. In case of generating a compatibility study between a person and a position, it describes and details the strengths and eventual weaknesses. To understand the impact that the professional’s behaviour has on their colleagues
  • When to use it? Recommended when you want to select, detect, develop and/or retain talent. To know strengths and weaknesses and to improve the relationship with peer, superiors and/or collaborators. It can also be used to implement an action plan that provides a change in communication style.


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